Tuesday, January 15, 2013

30 Days For 30 Dollars: Day 14

Day 14:  Gifts For Girls

1 pair of hoop-style earrings (from my jewelry box)
fine crochet thread (on hand)
a teeny tiny crochet hook (on hand)

I'm not sure of the number of this hook, but as you can see it is really tiny.

1.  Draw a loop up and onto the hoop.
2.  Single crochet around the hoop.  Crochet enough stitches to cover approximately half of the hoop.  Count your stitches and write this number down so that you can make the second  hoop the same.
3.  Turn and single crochet across.
4.  Turn.  For the final row:  sk 1, sc, sk 1, *5dc in next stitch, sk 1, sc, sk1*.
(You may have to make a few little adjustments to get it to come out even at the end.  Just skip an extra stitch or add one in - it won't be noticable.
5.  Weave in ends
6.  Repeat with second hoop.
7.  Optional:  Paint on some sugar water and let dry to stiffen the crochet a bit. (more info here)

Total Spent:  0.00

Day 1:  Pretty Hair Ties 1.00
Day 2:  Pin Cushion 1.00
Day 3:  Cowl 1.50
Day 4:  Apron 1.00
Day 5:  Baby Hat .75
Day 6:  Wine Charms 1.00
Day 7:  Pot Holders 0.00
Day 8:  Easy Tote  1.00
Day 9:  Lunch Sack 2.00
Day 10:  Peter Pan Collar Necklace 0.00
Day 11:  Patchwork Ornaments 1.00
Day 12:  DIY Cookie Tray 2.00
Day 13:  Recycled Gift Tags 1.00
Day 14:  Crochet Hoops 0.00


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous day!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. These are great! Lovely idea, and they look so organic yet chic... thanks for sharing!

  3. Cute earrings! I've never crocheted with such a small hook. I think I would have to use a magnifying glass!

  4. thanks for share..

  5. these are just awesome...I can't crochet but I will give it to my crafty sister-in-law...

  6. Thanks for sharing; I love these!

  7. Hey i tried this pattern it was awesome. Really quick and simple and looks fantastic.thanks